I wanted to challenge myself as I had nothing better to do at the moment. I had an idea for this game since the group project back at the university, and wanted to know if I would be able to build a small tech demo in 3 days from scratch, using everything that I’ve learned so far. Game is about Creepy, a wee monester that lives under the bed and is scared of light. One day she decides to go out of the comfort of the “Underbed” to explore outside world. Had only 3 days to finish it, so there are still some bugs, and camera and controlls are bit janky, but I’m quite happy with the result, taking into consideration limited time. It shows everything I wanted to show, general idea, atmosphere/mood, game mechanics (puzzles, changing forms…etc.), and I did enjoy all 3 days. All modelling, rigging, animating and programming is done from scratch. Some textures and audio is outsourced (I really sucks at audio design to be honest).

3D Printing

I’ve got myself a resin 3D printer, wanted to learn something new. It was quite a journey to learn to prepare mesh for the 3D Printing. But I was quite happy with the result. It’s actually a second print, first one was massive fail. At least I know what not to do next time.

Alien: Newborn

10 days long project, dedicated mostly to lighting and materials creation for real-time rendering, using UE4. Modelling,texturing and composition is mostly done, but character model still needs to be rigged. Please see comments for images if you want to know a bit more.

Religious Fanatic Knight

Project focused on character design. Sculpting, retopo, texturing, rigging and rendering done by myself. Meshes and materials were also optimized for real time rendering.


There was not particular direction/heading with this one, except “Cyberpunk” theme. So I’ve decided to do some cyberpunk character. I had nothing particular in my mind, so I started concepting in the Zbrush and ended up creating some cyberpunk pug-alien creature. Cyberpug. Game ready asset – 9595 tris.


Pure boredom. Been sick at home, bored, and wanted to create something. At first I created a wee bee only, but she was lonenly, so I’ve decided to create wee fower as well. Created in Blender. Subdivision modelling, not suitable for real time rendering. Maybe not a portfolio piece, but I like it.

Project Minotaur

Real-time Lighting and Rendering For Games

Environment based on rocky shores of Crete. Since project was focused on realtime lighting and rendering, most of the environment assets were outsourced from Quixel Megascans. Custom POM materials, ocean shader and LODs for some meshes were created by myself. Scene runs smoothly at 100+ FPS on mid-end PC with full dynamic lighting (no cooked lights, optimal for games with day/night system).


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