Alien: Newborn

10 days long project, dedicated mostly to lighting and materials creation for real-time rendering, using UE4. Modelling,texturing and composition is mostly done, but character model still needs to be rigged. Please see comments for images if you want to know a bit more.

Religious Fanatic Knight

Project focused on character design. Sculpting, retopo, texturing, rigging and rendering done by myself. Meshes and materials were also optimized for real time rendering.

Project Minotaur

Real-time Lighting and Rendering For Games

Environment based on rocky shores of Crete. Since project was focused on realtime lighting and rendering, most of the environment assets were outsourced from Quixel Megascans. Custom POM materials, ocean shader and LODs for some meshes were created by myself. Scene runs smoothly at 100+ FPS on mid-end PC with full dynamic lighting (no cooked lights, optimal for games with day/night system).


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