Let’s create our first video game

Let’s create our first video game

Waiting for a first job in games industry could be frustrating, especially if you are a creative personnel and have to make living doing a job that is completely unrelated to video games development. To feed my needs in terms of creativity, I’ve decided to start a small project. But what are the possible outcomes of starting your own project?

  1. Failure. Nobody likes it, but it happens. This outcome depends on your skills and knowledge. But it tells us how not to do things, which is valuable experience as well.
  2. Finished but unsuccesfull video game. Well, it is still nice addition to your portfolio that can help you to get a job.
  3. Project closes to final stages of development and you still haven’t received any offer for a job in games industry? Well, we have more options at the final stages of development. I will definitely go for crowdfunding, like Kickstarter…etc (which is also aim of this project).

Defining possible outcomes is important step, as it helps me to prepare for each possible scenario. From my point of view, starting own project is win/win situation, nothing to lose. But there’s still a question that needs to be answered before planning stage. What is aim of this project? For this project, main focus is crowdfunding and possibility of founding my own studio in the future. My dream is to open a studio that would give chances to people with no academic background. As we could see in last couple years, even multi-billion giants like Google, IBM…etc. started dropping degree requirement for applicants. At the end, it is 21st century and information is freely accessible for everyone who is connected to the internet, and there are many great people who share their professional knowldge and experience for free. So, to make it short, aim of this project is not only to create a video game, but to create a video game that would help raise funds necessary to open a studio, studio that would primarily give chance to talented creatives with no academic background or degrees. But this blog is about creating video game, so let’s jump back on it.

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